In The Beginning...

And here we go: I start my own blog. Finally. I thought about doing so from time to time and now I decide to give it a try. Certain circumstances gave me a push that I was lacking previously. More will be revealed in due time, however.

I will be focusing (mostly) on roleplaying games, literature, all things fantasy & SF and related generes. All seasoned up with occasional rant, news, unrelated thought or two and raw ideas I find interesting enough to share and spread.

So, why "Shaper Of Worlds"? Because this will be (or at least is intended to be) to be a game designer's blog. At the very core of myself I am developer of universes. This is what appeals to me in fantasy and SF fiction the most: unlimited supply of worlds, events, cultures and cosmologies (both scientific and metaphysical), people and creatures. So, expect musings and reflections about designing fictional things - plots, whole settings, individual planets, species, nations, cultures, religions, characters, political events... Wait, the last one falls under plots designation, doesn't it?

Also, this might be the chance to polish my written English some more. So if anyone captures grammar error, punctuation error or just a bad stylistics, feel free to comment on it.

For now, I will have to familiarize myself with the blogger's UI and options available and find what look and composition appeals to me the most.

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