Metamorph Love!

Since metamorph is already here, with publication of Liber Influxus Communis (or here, or here), I wanted to show some love for it with a few new options. Completely incidentally and not in any relation to incoming Valentine's Day some of those options will be related to gender and sexuality. Yes. Definitely no connection here.

New Evolutions:

Some of the following evolutions might not be suitable for every campaign or style of play, depending upon themes and topics included or excluded in your game. Apparently some groups don't reference sexuality, or reproduction in any way in their games. Number in bracket after the name of evolution is the evolution base point cost. Metamorph was written with (deliberately) unwieldy neutral form in mind—I imagined iconic metamorph to be genderless from the start. That's why the text uses it or its while referring to singular metamorph (except when speaking about metamorphs of specific gender like in case of control fertility evolution).

Control Fertility (Ex) [1 point]: Simple control of one's reproductive organs is child's play for anyone who already mastered much higher degree of control over one's body. Metamorph with this evolution has unerring mastery over one's fertility. Male metamorphs in addition to deciding between providing fertile or inert seed, can also decide the gender of their offspring. Female metamorphs only become pregnant willingly, can conceive female progeny via parthenogenesis, can suspend very early pregnancy for up to twelve months, can terminate pregnancy without outside means, or induce early labor.

Metamorphs who spend additional evolution point have greater influence over the capabilities of their progeny, and can decide which of the ability scores will be the highest and which will be the lowest.

Cosmetic Feature (Ex) [1 points]: A metamorph can manifest one or more unusual but minor appearance traits, such as strange eye, hair, or skin color combination, skin patterns, differently shaped nose, eyes, or ears. Cosmetic feature grants +2 bonus to Bluff checks made to distract or Perform checks made to entertain observers but must be deliberately concealed while trying to use Disguise skill.

Genderless (Ex) [1 point]: A metamorph adjusts its body becoming genderless and asexual, both physically and mentally. The metamorph is immune to any attempts of seduction, and any effects that manipulate or rely on gender, sexuality, or lust (e.g. unnatural lust spell), and gains +4 bonus to saving throws against charm effects. While any metamorph can develop this evolution it is particularly appropriate for reconstructed phenotype.

Gendermorph (Ex) [2 point]: A metamorph can switch it physical sex after eight hours of rest. The change adjusts the metamorph's physical appearance to match the new gender but does not mask it, the metamorph is still recognizable but gains +20 bonus to Bluff, and Disguise checks made to pretend to be close relative of oneself of opposite gender.

A metamorph that spends 2 additional evolution points on this ability can switch its gender quickly. Such change is a supernatural ability that requires expenditure of a vital surge and takes a full round.

Hermaphrodite [1 point]: A metamorph develops functional sexual and reproductive traits of both genders becoming attractive to both genders and capable of reproduction with either.

Prime Mate (Ex) [1 point]: A metamorph's becomes more attractive gaining +2 bonus to Charisma ability and skill checks made to interact socially with creatures attracted to the metamorph's apparent race and gender.

Sleepless (Ex) [1 point]: A metamorph no longer sleeps and becomes immune to magical sleep effects. It still needs to rest to refresh its spells and special abilities.

A metamorph can spend 1 additional evolution point to become immune to non-magical effects that induce sleep.

Smell Magic (Su) [2 point]: A metamorph can smell magic auras. Requires scent evolution or ability.

A metamorph can spend 1 additional evolution point to be able to recognize school of magic involved.

Favored Class Options:

The following options are available to metamorphs of various races in place of standard favored class bonus.

Android: Add +1/4 to the metamorph's evolution pool.

Dhampir: Gain 1 point of resistance to positive energy damage.

Drow: Add +1/3 to save DC of one evolution (maximum +2 to any one evolution).

Dwarf: Add +1 to healing provided by vitality surge.

Elf: Add +1 to the number of times per days the metamorph can use spell-like ability gained from basic magic or minor magic evolutions. The number of times this bonus is selected for minor magic cannot exceed number of times it was selected for basic magic.

Ghoran: Add 1 to a number of berries affected with goodberries spell-like ability and the maximum number of hit points that the ghoran can heal by eating goodberries each day.

Gillman: Add +1 to swim speed. In combat this option has no effect unless the metamorph has selected it five times (or another increment of five).

Gnome: Add +1 to range of blindsense, blindsight, lifesight, scent, termorsense and other evolutions that grant new senses. In combat this option has no effect unless the metamorph has selected it five times (or another increment of five).

Half-elf: Add +1/3 to number of vitality surges.

Half-orc: Add +1/3 to number of vitality surges.

Halfling: Add +1 to land speed. In combat this option has no effect unless the metamorph has selected it five times (or another increment of five).

Hobgoblin: Add +1/6 to natural armor.

Human: Add +1/4 to the metamorph's evolution pool.

Kobold: Add +1 point to damage of breath weapon evolution.

Lashunta: Add +10 feet to range of telepathy or limited telepathy special abilities.

Nagaji: Add +1/6 to natural armor.

Strix: Add +5 to fly speed.

Vanara: Add +1 to climb speed. In combat this option has no effect unless the metamorph has selected it five times (or another increment of five).