Wayfinder #9 is here!

So, at least ninth issue of Wayfinder is finally here. You can download it from Paizo website for free here: Wayfinder #9. This issue, like number 7 is printed one. Being on the other side of world than Paizocon prevents me from getting my own copy, however. Maybe some day in the future I will get one but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

Three of four submissions I sent were accepted. However, because two of those submissions contained two monsters each, this time Wayfinder's bestiary section actually includes five of my monsters: blood maiden, bloated devourer ghoul, gaunt ascetic ghoul, wyrmwing and wyrmwing swarm. The last two share single entry but include two stat blocks.

The next Wayfinder theme is The Sands of Golarion: Katapesh and Qadira. Time to start designing appropriate submissions. Maybe this time I will write something beyond bestiary entries but I promise nothing...