Spear Of Dragondoom

Thousands of years ago, when the humankind was young and inexperienced, unable to protect oneself from the ravaging monsters before capturing protective gaze of deities, an unnamed village was a part of hunting territory of a pack of rapacious dragons. Its denizens for generations were incapable of stopping the beasts from devouring their herds or even their children. One spring, a young but already renowned hunter reached the seaside while roaming the wilds. There he heard a voice that advised him how to release the village from the predations of the beasts. Following the instructions, he crafted a trap in one of the mountain valleys using a freshly killed deer as a bait. When one of the wild dragons came, attracted by the scent of blood, the trap was triggered crushing the dragon with avalanche. The hunter took the bones, the teeth, the heart, the tongue, the blood and the vicious saliva of the dragon. He used the bones to craft the spear, tempering the shaft with dragon blood and making the head out of a strange stone that was left on the beach for him by the mysterious voice. The heart and the tongue he ate, as instructed earlier by his unknown patron, gaining the strength and cunning of the beast. He grounded teeth and mixed with the saliva and certain herbs to brew a venom with which he poisoned a few sheep and used them as bait for the rest of the pack. When the beasts came and teared the sheep apart and devoured, they grow slow and sluggish allowing him to move out of his hiding with his new weapon and deliver a killing blow to each of the monsters. The first and the second died before even noticing the danger, the third one evaded a few blows but finally fell. Only the last dragon regained its senses enough to fight back, delivering a mortal wound to the hunter before bleeding to death from multiple wounds. The hunter was buried by his folk and hailed as a champion and savior and later the people started to worship him as a hero and a deity. His spear was kept in the village to be wielded against future threats for many generations, until the village grew into town and then a city and finally turned into crumbling ruin many generations later.

And here are stats for those who play Pathfinder or D&D:

The Dragondoom (Minor Artifact)
Aura strong conjuration; CL 12th
Slot none; Weight 6 lbs.
Description: The Dragondoom is a spear made of polished dragon bone with the head made of blackened, scorched metal shard. It acts as a +1 dragon bane spear in anyone's hands but it grows in power if its wielder uses it to slay a true dragon, the older the dragon the more powerful the spear becomes.
  • Killing a young or older dragon improves the weapon enhancement to +2. From now on it grants immunity to frightful presence of dragons.
  • Killing an adult dragon improves the weapon enhancement to +3 and grants the wielder benefits of Evasion special ability against draconic breath weapons.
  • Killing a very old dragon makes the spear +4 weapon. The wielder also gains Spell Resistance 11 + character level against draconic spells and spell-like abilities.
  • Killing a great wyrm allows the weapon reach epitome of its abilities. It enhancement bonus rises to +5 and deals maximum damage to dragons.
Additionally, when the wielder of the weapon participates in killing of a true dragon he may eat its heart to gain bloodline powers of a draconic bloodline as if he was a sorcerer of a level equal to the killed dragon's CR.

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