Fantasy Races: Kulit

This race was one of my two submission for Little Red Goblin Games Racial Guide 2.5: Half Races and Hybrids. It hadn't made cut into the book (there were only three places for submitted races) but earned its place in honorable mentions and might end in free web enhancement for that book. The following version expands the description, adds racial feats and a number of favored class options.


Kulits are children of  a gnome and a wayang couples. Apparently, traces of fey blood of gnomes mixed with the shadow heritage of wayangs have potential for unusual attraction, complementing each other into beings that are unexpected vortices of lifeforce – tapping the mixture of vivid vitality and hidden resilience.

Physical Description: Kulits are short and lean, usually closer in posture to their wayang parent than the gnomish one, often outrightly wiry. Unlike wayangs, kulits have skin of some intensely bright color and unlike gnomes they tend to have either very dark or very pale hair. Kulits’ shadows slither and seem to wave and move out of their own accord even when not commanded by their owners.

Society: Individual kulits are uncommon and groups of kulits living together are very rare.

Relations: Without established society and virtually unknown beyond gnome and wayang communities, kulits like many other rare crossbreeds remain curiosity or even mere myth among other races.

Alignment and Religion: Kulits with strong wayang relations developed their own strain of “The Dissolution” philosophy, believing that instead of merging with shadows after death, they will fuse back with strange world of fey from which their gnomish ancestors came. Their natural affinity for healing makes them lean toward good.

Adventurers: Kulits inherent life-force makes them excellent healers — usually bards, oracles or witches. While inquisitors, monks, paladins and rangers are rare among them, kulits who choose one of those paths have great potential as hunters of the dead. Kulits with least affinity for life often study wizardry or alchemy.

Names: Without society and culture of their own, kulits are usually named by their parents with a combination of gnome and wayang names.

Kulit Racial Traits

Ability Scores: Kulits inherited gnomish vitality and wayang cunning. They gain +2 racial bonus to Constitution and Intelligence but suffer -2 penalty to Strength and Wisdom.

Type: Kulits are humanoids with gnome and wayang subtypes.

Small Size: Kulits are Small creatures and thus gain +1 size bonus to attack rolls and AC, -1 size penalty to CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus to Stealth checks.

Slow Speed: Kulits have a base speed of 20 feet.

Darkvision: Kulits see in dark up to 60 feet.

Low-light Vision: Kulits can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Keen Senses: Kulit gain +2 racial bonus to Perception checks.

Font Of Life (Sp): Each kulit is a vortex of vitality that manifest as life-giving light. This mimics the effects of a constant light spell centered on the kulit. It can be suppressed as a free action and reactivated with a standard action. Living creatures in the range of normal light generated by this ability add the kulit’s Charisma bonus (minimum +1) to all the healing received, magical or mundane.

Living Shadow (Sp): A kulit’s shadow is an active extension of its owner performing simple tasks when commanded to do so acting like unseen servant spell for a number of hours per day equal to the kulit’s character level. These hours do not need to be consecutive but they need to be used in hour-long increments. The kulit can also directly control actions of his shadow duplicating effects of mage hand spell instead, at the expense of one hour of daily use. Living shadow cannot enter areas of daylight (true or magical) or supernatural darkness.

Languages: Kulits begin play speaking Common, Gnome and Wayang. Kulits with high Intelligence scores can choose any non-restricted languages.

Racial Feats
Kulits have access to following feats:

Pulse Of Life
The kulit’s life-giving light can be focused into a pulse of positive energy.
Prerequisite: Font of life racial ability.
Benefit: Three times per day, while your font of life ability is active you can create a pulse of positive energy as a swift action spreading in area of normal light generated by the font of life ability. Pulse of life heals a number of hit points equal to the total healing bonus provided by font of life to living creatures and inflicts the same amount of damage to undeads and creatures with negative energy affinity.

Favored Class Options
The following options are available to all kulits who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time the favored class reward is selected.

Alchemist: Add +½ to bomb damage against undeads, both direct and splash.

Barbarian: Add +½ to healing received while raging.

Bard: Add +½ to all healing received by the allies affected with the bardic performance.

Cavalier: Add +½ to all healing received by the cavalier’s mount.

Cleric: Add +½ to healing or damage of channel energy ability.

Commander: Add +1 feet to the radius of normal light generated by font of life ability.

Druid: Add +½ to all healing received by the druid’s animal companion.

Fighter: Add +1 to Constitution score while calculating when death occurs.

Inquisitor: Add +½ to Perception and Survival skill checks made to notice and track undeads and creatures with negative energy affinity.

Magus: Add +1 to a total amount of temporary hit points granted or maximum amount of damage points absorbed by protective spells.

Metamorph: Add +1 to a total amount of healing received from any source.

Monk: Add +½ to the healing bonus provided by font of life ability.

Oracle: Add +½ to healing and damage of cure and inflict spells.

Paladin: Add +1 feet to the radius of normal light generated by font of life ability.

Ranger: Add +⅓ to initiative checks and Knowledge [geography], Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks while on the Plane Of Shadow. This bonus stacks with regular favored terrain bonus.

Rogue: Add +1 hour to the daily limit of living shadow ability.

Sorcerer: Add +½ to magic damage against undeads.

Summoner: Add +½ to all healing received by the summoner’s eidolon.
Witch: Add +½ to magical healing provided.

Wizard: Add +1 to a total amount of temporary hit points granted or maximum amount of damage points absorbed by protective spells.

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