Spaceships: Kyo Sunchaser

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Tier 10
Medium Frigate
Speed 12; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 17; TL 17
HP 80; DT —; CT 12
Shields 280 (forward 100, port 40, starboard 40, aft 100)
Attack (forward) light radiant lance (10d6), 2 light plasma torpedo launchers (3d8)
Attack (aft) light radiant lance (10d6), 2 light plasma torpedo launchers (3d8)
Attack (turret) laser net (2d6)
Power Core nova ultra (300 PCU); Drift Engine basic signal; Systems advanced long-range sensors, crew quarters (luxurious), mk 7 armor, mk 8 defenses, mk 2 tetranode computer (tier 5, artificial personality); Expansion Bays life boats, medical bay, recreational suite (HAC)
Modifiers +2 to any 4 checks per round, +4 Computers; Complement 6
Captain Computers +20 (10 ranks), Diplomacy +20 (10 ranks), gunnery +16, Medicine +20 (10 ranks), Piloting +16 (10 ranks), Sense Motive +20 (10 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +20 (10 ranks)
Gunners (3) gunnery +20 (10 ranks)
Pilot Piloting +20 (10 ranks)

When the Radiant Empire started to expanded beyond the dome of the skies, it has done that with grace and ease that is only expected of the glorious kyo people. Moving into the space and reaching to other planets changed the technology behind the Empire, but the proper forms, the roles, and the mercantile focus of the Empire persisted, though both etiquette and acceptable aesthetic grew even more baroque.

Kyo starchasers are the key vessels of the Interstellar Radiant Empire, bringing the order and the light of the Radiant Emperor through dark of the space. They primary role is guarding merchant vessels, often proactively by hunting pirates and space monsters.

Each starchaser is lead by a respectable captain, usually of the Gold caste, who also acts as the vessel's physician, counselor, and science officer. Engineers are usually of the Brown caste, gunners come from Night caste, though Brown and Silver are becoming more and more common as the need for skilled gunners grows. Pilots are always of the Silver caste, for now at least. Notably, the pilot is primarily responsible for actually managing the vessel in combat when it comes to tactics, with captain being responsible for encouraging the crew and taking strategic decisions.

Starchaser use doctrine expects taking advantage of its significant speed and range of its weapons to keep a distance from an enemy. It also puts a stress on minimizing risk to the vessel itself, because of its high cost, and the presence of valuable kyo crewmen onboard, unless life of kyo civilians is at stake.

New Technology

Radiant lances are kyo-designed variant of persistent particle guns, emitting a beam of particles that enhance the signature of the ship struck, reducing TL of a ship hit by 2 until the end of the following round. Light radiant lance is equivalent of persistent particle beam, with long range and 10d6 points of damage. As the kyo do not share technical details of this construction, it's very unlikely to appear on non-kyo vessels.

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