Mystic Connection: Necromancer

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Mystic class is versatile caster, in large part defined by connection — a power, theme, or patron that is the key to the character's magical abilities.

Mystic Connection: Necromancer
You command forces of death themselves, animating corpses to serve you, forcing spirits of the dead to speak with you, and taking lives from others for your own goals.
Associated Deities: The Hungerer, The Silent One.
Associated Skills: Medicine and Mysticism
Spells: 1st—death sense, 2nd—command undead, 3rd—speak with dead, 4th—animate dead, 5th—raise dead, 6th—snuff life.

Corpse Servant (Sp) [1st level]
  • You can command a corpse within 30 feet to raise and perform a simple non-combat task. The corpse can walk at the rate of 10 feet per round, carry things as if it had Strength score equal to half your Wisdom score, and handle and manipulate things as long as no skill check is required. The corpse falls down inanimate once the task is complete and cannot be targeted with this ability again. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to either have the corpse follow you and obey simple orders similarly to unseen servant spell for 1 hour per level, or you can command it to continuously or repeatedly perform the initial task for a number of days equal to your mystic level. The animated corpse is destroyed by any damage or any effect that would force it to make a saving throw and completely lacks Intelligence or any ability to make choices.
Sympathy For The Dead (Su) [3rd Level]
  • You can use Long-Term Care and Treat Deadly Wounds applications of Medicine skill on undead creatures, and you can opt to heal undead and creatures with negative energy affinity with mystic cure and mass mystic cure spells and effects. You can use harmless mind-affecting spells and effects on undead that are not mindless.
Life-Drinker (Su) [6th level]
  • When a living creature dies within 30 feet of you, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to regain a number of Hit Points equal to the victim's level or CR. When your Enlightenment ability is active, you can use this ability as a free action instead. Once per day you can use Life-Drinker to regain all Stamina Points instead, as if you rested for 10 minutes.
Ghost-Speaker (Su) [9th level]
  • Your speak with dead effects are enhanced. You can ask a number of additional questions equal to your Charisma bonus. The interrogated corpse extrudes ectoplasm that temporarily mends its skull and jaws allowing it to speak even when the damage would normally prevent the spell from working correctly. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to be able to cast speak with dead on ashes or otherwise destroyed corpse, or on restrained or controlled undead. If you cast speak with dead on a corpse that was subject to that spell within last week, you can make a caster level check (DC 11+caster level of the previous speak with dead casting) to get a glimpse of the caster and learn what questions were asked (though not the answers to them).
Necromantic Bond (Sp) [12th level]
  • You form telepathic bond with any undead you create or control with command undead or control undead in addition to any regular recipients of your telepathic bond ability. You can concentrate to directly control actions of any of mindless undead you control, using your skills through their bodies. You can cast non-harmless mind-affecting spells and effects on undead.
Between Life And Death (Su) [15th level]
  • You become immune to disease and fear effects. You automatically stabilize without expenditure of Resolve Points. You don't suffer penalties from negative energy levels and they never become permanent, though you still die when accumulated negative energy levels exceed your level. You suffer half the damage from death effects. If you are undead, you suffer half damage from positive energy and whenever you are reduced to 0 Hit Points you can sacrifice one of controlled undead to remain at 1 Hit Point.
Life Eternal (Sp) [18th level]
  • If you die (or are destroyed if you are undead) you can send your consciousness and soul to inhabit one of mindless undead you control. You can direct its actions, though you can't use your own special abilities except Sympathy For The Dead, Transcendence, and Enlightenment. Alternatively, when you die or are destroyed, you can send your consciousness and soul through your telepathic bond to a willing living ally. You can communicate with an ally whose body you inhabit and allow access to any spells you know, though the ally has to provide spell slots and complete the casting process oneself. If you are at least 19th level mystic, you can use your Transcendence ability to project illusory form from the ally's body once per day but as you lack any spells slots to power your spells, you are mostly limited to using your cantrips. Your soul and consciousness return to your body when revived.

New Spell: Death Sense
Level mystic 1, technomancer 1; School necromancy
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range 30 feet
Target one creature or corpse
Duration 1 minute/minute (D)
You senses the ebb of life and death. While this spell lasts, you sense general presence of living and undead creatures within a cone-shaped emanation in front of you. You can take a standard action to focus on a single creature within your line of sight and determine if it is alive, dying, dead, undead, weakened (having 3 or less Hit Points, having any of its ability scores suffering damage or drain exceeding half of their ability score, or suffering from energy drain), or not living. If you focus on a creature you are touching, you can detect presence of diseases and parasites as well. If you focus on a touched corpse, you can learn how long it remains dead and get the general impression of the cause of death.

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