Magia i Miecz, The Triumph!

I have already >posted< about Magia i Miecz magazine revive being >crowdfunded<...

When all the dust settled, Magia i Miecz ended with nearly 100.000 zloty gathered — 394% of funding threshold that was initially set at 25.000 zloty, with 1357 backers.

Fifty thousands threshold was warranty to publish revived Magia i Miecz for two years — one issue every quarter for a total of minimum of eight issues. Of course if the magazine will reach the point of self-sustainability it will go on.

I am waiting to see the first issue. My backer level gives me a pdf of the first two issues... I don't think that I will buy paper version of further issues, sticking to a handful of tamed electrons. Easier and more portable, especially with tablet.

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