Wayfinder #11

Another middle of the year and another Wayfinder is here!

This time, the theme is Cheliax. An empire that turned to diabolism after their patron deity Aroden unexpectedly died...

Obviously, I had to submit a devil for such an issue: a physician devil that uses its healing skills and aura that corrupts natural healing abilities to tempt mortals into purchasing its services. The other monster of my design that can be found inside is dreadling — a hafling-blooded monstrosity stalking the nights and feeding on fear.

There is more, however, as this time I wrote an actual article... Ok, well, an excuse for pushing more crunch actually, presenting a number of feats and rogue talents related to devils, trickery, and cruelty of the Empire Of Devils...

The next issue is dedicated to Ancient Egypt Osirion. Deadline looms in less than two months. I would like to have some extra time, though.

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