Campaign Idea: World Of Aliens

What would happen to the World Of Darkness, if it was openly visited by aliens—the visitors from the stars? Not your typical sneaky grays mutilating cattle and abducting lone drivers from sideroads, no. The "we come in peace to bring you prosperity and raise your civilization of higher level of development" kind, like Taelons or Visitors... Advanced beings whose open arrival would shake the social and political foundations of the mortal world and the hidden world of the supernatural alike.

The Benefactors presence causes various governments and institutions to flock to them, superficially strengthening the United Nations acting as an intermediary in the dealings with them. Of course the steps needed to advance humankind would require certain sacrifices—some customs and freedoms taken for granted in the past might be deemed backward and keeping progress in check, some technologies could be deemed hurtful to spiritual development, some biological aspects could be deemed retrogressive, some ideas could be deemed memetic infection... All those would need to be restricted, some actions taken to remove them, or even a total eradication programs initiated. Everything for the good of the humankind.

New technologies, new ideas, and new customs are being introduced. Children are taught in new ways, their minds unrestrained by obsolete prejudices of the pre-contact culture. Adults enjoy unprecedented prosperity and safety... Especially in the light of economical stability and strengthened United Nation aided by the Benefactors bringing undreamed peace to recently conflicted regions. Development spreads around the globe together, people move toward urban centers leaving more of the countryside uninhabited with automated farming replacing rural population.

Carefully selected individuals are enhanced biologically, technologically, and psychologically to act as representatives and agents of the Benefactors. Brilliant, powerful, and yet strangely distant from the rest of the population.

Of course, some people do not adjust well to the cultural shock caused by the arrival. Some of them need to be medicated or even isolated both for their own safety and to protect the delicate structures of society during the transition phase...

Do the Benefactors know of the existence of the supernatural? They seem all-knowing after all... But are they? They haven't acknowledge existence of the various supernatural beings hiding in the shadows in any way... Yet. What will they do when they discover the hidden world? Reveal it? Keep it secret? Destroy it? Who knows...

What the supernatural beings know, is that the Benefactors do not fit their world... Their creations do not exactly seem to respond to supernal magic, like if they were governed by set of Arcana different from those known to the mages. Since their arrival alien spirits representing incomprehensible ideas appear with growing frequency while the old spirits are growing restless or hiding in the wilds. Many of the constructions developed with the Benefactor guidance clashes with the God-Machine's infrastructure...

How will the supernatural beings adapt to the new world? Will they survive? Hide deeper? Try to insinuate themselves into the new order? Lash against the intruders trying to prevent the promised progress or reveal the dark side of the Benefactor's influence over the humankind?

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