Fantasy Races: Ker-Azan


The highly advanced civilization of azan dropped the sexual reproduction ages ago, replacing it with more efficient way of breeding that combined their mastery of alchemy, magic, and technology to grow new generations of azan in their laboratories, spawning them with fully adult intellectual capabilities. Despite azan mastery of the subject and thousands of years spent improving it, the process remains imperfect, with as much as 10% of progeny failing to develop, with another 20% showing various degree of congenital anomalies. The always resourceful azan often try to salvage as much as they can even from failed batches—either by finding the use for organic tissue produced, or by replacing malformed parts of their progeny with machine supplements. Those of the resulting azan-machine hyrbids that show full mental faculties of healthy azan and retain majority of their life functions are known as ker-azan.

Physical Description: Ker-azan are very similar to their azan parents—pale, hairless, with somewhat child-like proportions of their limbs and head. Their skin tends to be more translucent, showing more dark veins underneath, though, and their bodies are riddled with various inorganic parts—tubes, wires, plating, artificial joints, and less identifiable mechanisms.

Society: Ker-azan are part of azan society but their status might vary depending upon local opinions. While they are considered intellectually equal to their azan siblings, there is a social stigma associated with ker-azan being considered partial failure of breeding process and there is a strong taboo against ker-azan reproducing, either with regular azan or between themselves, which reduces their overall standing. While there is no custom or law enforcing it, ker-azan rarely rise to become heads of their cabals, colleges or corporations. Additionally, because of additional cost involved with their mechanical augmentations, ker-azan apprenticeship to their progenitors are much longer, often around 20 years of servitude.

Relations: Ker-azan are but a small fraction of azan society and do not form special relations with other races. In their individual dealings with members of other races they are slightly less prideful but they share the conviction of azan intellectual and cultural superiority over other races.

Alignment And Religion: Ker-azan know their creators, they have no need for gods or superstitions. While usually not as prideful as their siblings, they are often less interested in using gods for their purposes.

Adventurers: Like their siblings, ker-azan adventure to gather resources, materials, ingredients, specimens, wealth, and experience to support their endeavors and research. Their mechanical augmentations are both an advantage and hindrance in such pursuits. Their increased physical strength makes bloodragers and magi more common, with traditional azan classes like alchemist, arcanist, investigator, and wizard being followed nearly as often. Ker-azan seem to become divine casters a bit less often and manifest psychic gift a bit more than azan. Paladins, while unheard of among azan, arose a few times from the ranks of ker-azan.

Names: Ker-azan generally follow the azan name pattern of short first name followed by combined names of their batch-parents, but some azan forbid their ker-azan progeny from using their names.

Ker-azan Racial Traits

Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, –2 Constitution. Ker-azan are intelligent and their mechanical augmentations give them superior strength, but do not negate their overall frailty.

Type: Ker-azan are humanoids with azan and half-construct subtypes.

Small Size: Ker-azan are Small creatures gaining +1 size bonus to attack rolls and AC, –1 size penalty to CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus to Stealth checks.

Slow Speed: Ker-azan have land speed of 20 feet.

Half-Construct: Ker-azan part-machine nature gives them +2 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poisons, and effects that cause fatigue or exhaustion. They cannot be raised or resurrected but can be reincarnated or returned to life with breath of life spell and similar effects. Unlike most half-constructs ker-azan still need to eat, drink, and sleep to sustain the organic parts of their bodies.

Low-Light Vision: Ker-azan see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Magetech (Sp): Once per day, ker-azan with Intelligence score of 11 or more can spend 1 minute building a small techno-magical device that will replicate effects of single 0th level spell. Using this ability requires access to proper tools. Replicating a spell with costly components require using materials of equal value during the construction process. The device falls apart if used or when a new one is build. Any saving throws and concentration checks required by the use of device use the azan's Intelligence score.

Language: Common and Azan. Ker-azan with high Intelligence scores can choose any non-secret language they want.

Ker-Azan Alternate Racial Traits

Oversensitive Eyes: Ker-azan with this trait gain darkvision with 60 feet range and light sensitivity dazzling them in bright light. This trait replaces low-light vision.

Ker-Azan Racial Feats
Following feat is common among ker-azan and their siblings.

You have learned a lot about maintaining constructs.
Prerequisite: Disable Device 1 rank.
Benefit: You can use Disable Device skill to repair constructs, half-constructs and creatures with constructed trait. This works like first aid, treat caltrop wounds, or treat deadly wounds applications of Heal skill, using a set of mechanical tools instead of healer's kit. When you cast make whole spell or spell-like ability, it repairs +1 point of damage per die and you can use it on half-constructs. You can use machinesmith's repair class feature on half-constructs.

Favored Class Options
Ker-azan can select following options for their favored class bonuses.

Alchemist: Add +1/4 to the alchemist's natural armor bonus when using mutagen or cognatogen.

Arcanist: Gain 1/6 of a new arcanist exploit.

Bard: Maximum level of spell replicated with magetech device increases by 1/4. This applies to single device per day, even if the character can build more than one device per day.

Bloodrager: Add +1 to number of rounds of bloodrage per day.

Investigator: Gain +1/4 bonus to all inspiration rolls.

Kineticist: Increase capacity of the kineticist's internal buffer by 1/6.

Machinesmith: Add +1 to hit points restored with repair feature.

Magus: Gain 1/6 of a new magus arcana.

Metamorph: Add +1/4 to the metamorph's evolution pool.

Occultist: Gain 1/6 of a new occultist focus power.

Psychic: Gain 1 point of resistance against damage caused by mind-affecting effects.

Rogue: Add +1/2 to number of magetech uses per day.

Witch: Add +1/4 evolution point to the witch's familiar.

Wizard: Add +1/2 use of a 1st level power that can be used 3+Intelligence times per day.

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