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City Of Mists is a place where many strange events take place. Hidden behind the layers of coincidences, ineffective law enforcement, corporate obtrusion, divided health care system... Some of them explainable with corporate intrigues, other, not so much. This is an idea for a scenario around one such strange incident.

"What The Hell Happened In The Heaven's Bay"
Characters: Anyone, though some degree of overall physical fitness is recommended. Medical training of some sort is highly recommended.
Moving The Story Elsewhere: Not a big problem as long as the law enforcement can be expected to be ineffective.

The protagonists wake up... In a hospital. They are hurting, bruised, and very very hungry. Their recollection of recent events is dim at best. What the hell has happened?! Quick examination shows they are bandaged up, like if they suffered serious injuries. Their medical cards show they were shot. The nurse coming in to check on them is genuinely surprised they are already awake and up. She calls a doctor after noting down the hour of their awakening. He is surprised to see them up already, too. They should stay in beds for weeks at best. He can tell them they were assaulted while visiting "The Heaven's Bay"—a tourist yacht harbor combined with a bar and number of bungalows for lease. There was some sort of gathering for rich tourists yesterday and a robbery attempt, thwarted by the characters. They can recall vaguely the party, but throwing themselves at armed thugs?! Short-term memory loss can be caused by shock but how did they managed to regain strength so quickly? Why their wounds look almost healed? The doctor is as baffled as they are. It will take some time for the law enforcement to show up, probably the carabiniers, unless someone among the guests has ties to another department. One of the bandits died at the protagonists' hands, there were a few lightly injured guests, the characters were judged the the worst cases and taken to nearby obscure village hospital.

They slowly start to remember the early part of the party—a show off by a renowned lecturer, self-help and coaching guru, and a satanist... Named John Milton, no really, that's the name listed in his American passport, check for yourself if you meet him.

Will they stay waiting for law enforcement or will they search on their own? Regardless of their choice they need to sate their immense hunger now. Crappy hospital they woke up in is not a great place for that and the doctor warns them to avoid its canteen...

Asking at the Heaven's Bay itself brings only more questions... They start to recall They start to recall the evening but not the attack itself. Why did they acted so much against common sense attacking the bandits? Why did the experienced mercenary stood in the thugs way taking the bullets instead of firing from available cover, as dictated by his combat training? Why did a sneaky survivor and a former actress threw as living shields? The attackers. Some of them were robbing the guests out of jewelry, phones, and cash, but their leader did not appear to be here for money. He went toward the stage where Milton stood and was stopped by the characters.

Will the camera recording made by Milton's assistant that night reveal more? Will it trigger the memories or will it confuse it more?

There is a body of one of the thugs in a morgue in one of the hospitals in the city. Getting the autopsy report is just a matter of bribing the right person. This is the City Of Mists after all. A small time crook, member of a tiny gang. More like a bunch of kiddos wanting to be a gang. Cruzeros is the name. They have big flaming cross tattoo split across their arms. Gossip says their leader, Ernesto, is a kind of religious nut. Hearing angels, occasionally seeing demon here and there. It might be all the LUX he is doing, though folks say he was like that before LUX hit the streets.

There is a wounded gang member somewhere in the city in hands of some back-alley trauma surgeon and others around their turf near the harbor. With a right incentive they can be questioned, as long as no law enforcement is involved. It was all Ernesto's idea! They only were in to get hands on some spare cash! Ernesto took them there to go after "The Antichrist", though... Was his target Milton? Or someone else? Ernesto is probably praying in an old decrepit church in the harbor.

Oh, and the doctor who treated them can mention if contacted (or if he has a way of contacting them) that multiple people, some looking to be corporate dupes, came to him and gave him bigger than needed money for copies of the protagonists medical documentation from their short stay there. Really, a windfall for a few pages of photocopies...

It still does not explain what happened, why the characters acted like they acted and why they don't remember it, why their wounds are almost healed?

Will Milton have more answers? Ernesto?

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