Owen KC Stephens's 100 Questions For Your Group: Questions 11-20

Questions 1–10

Owen posted the next 10 topics for rpg-focused discussions. This batch is quite generic, and honestly, I have problem with answering them, because not very often I have clear favorites when it comes to books, comic books, games, movies, and even settings. How I feel about them is too much dependent on my present mood and what I would like to read, play, see at the moment. I have large pools of "favorites" instead of single favorite in each category.

With that in mind mentally replace "favorites" in the listed answers with "things that came to my mind when answering".

#11. What is your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon? What is your favorite animation you don’t consider a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Beyond the already mentioned issue with favorites, this question has another problem in the form of cultural barrier. While the Polish television of my childhood times followed the popular format of showing cartoons on Saturday morning, the cartoons shown were often different than in English-speaking countries (though we had a share of American cartoons). For a long time they were only a part of larger children and kids-directed programs on Saturday and Sunday morning.

If I was to point singular Saturday morning cartoon that etched in my mind it would be Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea (shown in Poland under the title Shagma Or The Lost Worlds, closer but still different than the original French title).

#12. What is your favorite commercial?

That question is like asking what disease I like to suffer the most... I dislike commercials and try to avoid them, zone out, not pay attention, go to bathroom, make myself tea, etc. There were commercials that I liked because of some funny plot, witty comment, or creative direction, but they all share the same quality: I have no idea what they were about. I simply did not cared about remembering what is advertised.

Actually... There were a number of commercials that used music I liked, and done that in a masterful way. I can actually recall what was advertised in one of them. It was commercial of Tchibo caffee... I would not call it an advertising success, though, as I don't drink coffee, except for rare social occasions when I am visiting someone. Even then I usually go with tea instead.

#13. What is your favorite book cover (fiction or nonfiction)?

I have fondness for Frank Frazetta. I have great fondness for some of the covers of the books from the Witchworld series (though googling them now shows that pictures that I like less — like if Polish edition used more toned down versions focused on very evocative landscapes). Also, Larry Elmore's Dragons Of The Autumn's Twilight and Winter Night. By the way, Polish edition actually looked better than the images I can find by dropping the borders.

#14. What is your favorite toy?

Computer. In the past I had big fondness for Star Wars figurines with favorites being TIE Fighter pilot, Yoda, and Leia in Hoth outfit. I got the pilot before watching Star Wars and Yoda before seeing Empire Strikes Back—I thought it might be Jawa...

#15. What is your favorite television show or movie that you think is objectively bad?

Really hard to say. I don't watch that many movies and haven't seen a TV show for ages... I might go back to this question at a later time.

#16. What is your favorite book series with 6 or more books in it?

This one is easy and those are among my to book series, regardless of length: Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles. Frank Herbert's Dune. Steven Erikson's Malazan Book Of The Fallen.

Karl Wagner's Kane missed one book to catch into this list. Unless we count the lose stories as another book. It isn't cheating to get it into favorite series list, right?

I also have great fondness for already mentioned Andre Norton's Witchworld and Margaret Weiss's and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends (giving us together six books).

#17. What is your favorite story (book, TV, movie, or otherwise) that you hate the ending to? What ending would you have preferred?

Alien: Resurrection. Cut away the xenomorph queen's pregnancy and the human-like child made of soft tissue paper (as anything more sturdy would not be sucked through a small hole into the vacuum). Replace it with something more sinister, more Gigeresque, and more dangerous.

#18. What story (book, TV, movie, or otherwise) did you love when you were younger, but have since come to dislike? Why do you think your opinion changed?

Another question where nothing clear comes to my mind... Not that such stories hadn't happen but I fail to recall any of them at the moment.

#19. What RPG that you hate the rules for do you most love the setting of?

Hate is too big word here. I dislike AD&D 2nd edition for its rules* but I love its settings.

*Lets say that 5th edition is what 2nd edition should be. Thirty years late to the party.

#20. What RPG that you hate the setting of do you most love the rules for?

I can't recall any setting that I would hate. There is a lot of settings that don't impress me, that failed to catch my attention, but not one I would hate...

I love GURPS rule set but Banestorm, it's medieval humans-transported to fantasy land setting failed to capture my attention as a whole (it has a lot of nice touches here and there), though I like the Infinite Worlds meta-setting, of which Banestorm is (insignificantly small) part.

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