Haunts: An Abandoned Laboratory

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Haunts Of An Abandoned Laboratory
All haunts are mind-affecting fear effects, although their effects might include tangible results that will affect creatures immune to fear or mind-affecting effects.

Sorting Door CR 1
The door to the laboratory has an elaborate handle with an outline of the master's mark.
XP 400
LE persistent Haunt (a door handle)
Caster Level 1st
Notice Perception DC 15 (to notice an outline of the mark on the handle)
hp 4; Trigger touch; Weakness erase disables the haunt for 1 hour; Reset 1 minute
Effects Anyone touching the handle receives arcane mark of the owner of the laboratory. The mark lasts for a day marking them as property of the master and subjects to further experiments.
Destruction the master of the laboratory or someone appearing to be the master (Disguise DC 20) has to cast erase on the handle.

Sorting door contain vestige of a servant who sorted the newly acquired subjects for the master.

The Blinded Subject CR 2
A desperate whisper comes from behind the locked door to a cell.
XP 600
CE Haunt (a door to a 10-ft. cell)
Caster Level 2nd
Notice automatic (unintelligible whispers from behind the door, weak light visible through the peephole)
hp 4; Trigger looking through a peephole inside the cell; Reset 1 day
Effects The first person trying to peep inside the cell via the peephole sees an image of a needles rushing toward their eyes and is subject to blindness spell (DC 13). Creature that listens to the whispers is instead affected by deafness (DC 13).
Destruction A blind person has to sit in the cell for a day and then have their sight restored.

The cell was inhabited by a subject who was blinded in an experiment by the master of the laboratory.

The Crippled Assistant CR 3
A complex alchemical laboratory occupies this room, with many bottles, alembics, and ovens interconnected by a tangle of pipes coming in and out of the walls.
XP 800
CE Haunt (an immobile alchemical laboratory occupying 20-ft. room)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice Perception DC 25 (fluids start to boil and flow through the pipes)
hp 6; Trigger examining the laboratory; Reset 1 hour
Effects Sifting through the lab exposes the searcher to the ectoplasmic fluids that bestow –2 penalty to saving throws for 3 days on a failed Will saving throw (DC 13), as per disfiguring touch spell.
Destruction The laboratory has to be disassembled, cleaned with holy water, and reassembled by a skill alchemist taking extra steps to ensure the installation safety.

The master's assistant was crippled during a risky alchemical experiment here.

Never Split The Group CR 5
A large yard with numerous doors leading to different parts of the laboratory.
XP 1,600
CN Haunt (a 50-ft. × 50-ft. yard with numerous doors)
Caster Level 5th
Notice automatic (the doors start to shake and rumble)
hp 10; Trigger the yard contains more than three creatures for more than 1 minute; Weakness does not affect creatures hidden from undeadReset 1 day
Effects All the doors open, all the creatures in the yard vanish affected by mass invisibility for 5 minutes or until they attack someone (Will save against DC 20 negates the effect), and the door close loudly. As usual, the affected creatures can't see each other, making the scene look like if their companions where pulled into the doors.
Destruction All the doors at the yard have to be nailed shut using splinters of metal from chains and manacles that were used to bind the test subjects.

At this yard, the master and his minions split their test subjects sending them to be held or processed in the various parts of the laboratory.

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