Drejk On Patreon

Finally, after so many years, and an extended period of reliable updates, I finally got myself to Patreon. From now on you can support Shaper of World with small monthly donations at your pleasure at Patreon.com/Drejk. You should be able to pledge any monthly sum you like, starting at $1. You can stop supporting me at any time you want.

Note that due to taxation reasons I am unable (or more accurately I can't afford) patron-only rewards... Sadly, patron-only rewards would qualify as selling that content to patrons and would move me into completely different legal and taxation category than beneficiary of voluntary donations.

What I can do (and will do sooner or later), is adding a goals, such as getting $30 per month, $50 per month, $1,000 per month* and adding special (though publicly available) features when they are met. Like switching to two posts per week, getting someone to draw pictures from time to time, maybe making a monster week once per month. I need to consider the options more. I am new to that Patreon thing.

* I am kidding of course... Though with $500 per month I could fully support myself and make my blog my day job. So, you know, if you really would like me to work my ass on it five days a week you could set the donation a little bit higher... Just saying.

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