Monster: Grave-claw

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A big black cat with glowing red eyes and a green luminescence outlining its shape.

CR 6
; XP 2,400
CE Medium Undead
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft., scent; Perception +15


AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+4 Dex, +5 natural)
hp 76 (9d8+36)
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +9
DR 5/magic or silver; Immunities undead traits

Speed 50 ft.
Melee 2 claws +10 (1d4+4), bite +10 (1d4+4)
Special Attacks acrobatic pounce, disturbing hiss, rake (2 claws +10, 1d4+2)

Str 18, Dex 18, Con —, Int 13, Wis 17, Cha 17
Base Atk +6; CMB +10; CMD 24 (28 vs. trip)
Feats Acrobatic Steps, Combat Reflexes, Nimble Moves, Improved Initiative, Toughness
Skills Acrobatics +13 (+21 jumping), Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (religion) +13, Perception +15, Stealth +16
Languages Common, Necril

Environment plains, forests, hills, mountains
Organization solitary or pair
Treasure standard

Special Abilities

Acrobatic Pounce (Ex) A grave-claw can make a full attack, including its rake attacks when charging. Additionally, it does not have to charge in a straight line, being able to change direction during the charge up to 90 degrees once, and can make charge over a difficult terrain, although it has to make an Acrobatics check to leap over the interfering terrain or the charge stops where it lands.

Disturbing Hiss (Su) As a swift action, a grave-claw can issue a hiss that disturbs and distracts a single opponent within 10 feet. Until the end of the grave-claw's following turn, the affected opponent can't make attacks of opportunity and has to make a concentration check to cast a spell (DC 17+spell level) or use any other ability that requires concentration. A successful Will saving throw (DC 17) negates this effect. A creature cannot be affected by this ability more than once in 24 hour period. This is a fear effect. The saving throw DC is Charisma-based.

Grave-claws form out of dead leopards, cheetah, dire lynxes, and other medium cats, and are the most sneaky and patient of wight-beasts, but also the most unpredictable and highly aggressive.

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