Monster: Vizzel

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A big weasel with very vivid red and white fur coat and three pairs of limbs.

CR 2
; XP 600
N Small Magical Beast
Init +4; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +12


AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 11 (+4 Dex, +1 size)
hp 19 (3d10+3)
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +3
Defensive Abilities evasion

Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee bite +4 (1d4 plus attach)
Ranged acid splash +8 touch (1d3 acid)
Special Attacks bite the hand, destructive reverberation
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd; concentration +5)
At Will—acid splash, dancing lightsdetect magicprestidigitationread magic

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 15
Base Atk +3; CMB +2 (+6 to maintain grapple); CMD 16 (20 to escape its grapple)
Feats Acrobatic Steps, Nimble Moves
Skills Acrobatics +14, Perception +12, Spellcraft +9, Use Magic Device +9; Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics, +4 Perception, +4 Spellcraft, +4 Use Magic Device
Languages Common, Elven, Sylvan
SQ compression, hitch a ride

Environment urban and ruins
Organization single or pair
Treasure negligible

Special Abilities

Bite The Hand (Ex) A creature bitten by an attached vizzel gains a circumstance bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects equal to the lethal bite damage suffered until the start of the following turn. A vizzel familiar can take an immediate action to bite its master while the master is forced to make a saving throw against mind-affecting effect, granting the master a bonus to the saving throw equal to bite damage inflicted.

Destructive Reverberation (Su) A vizzel's bite counts as a magic weapon. When a vizzel bites a creature that suffered damage from a spell or a spell-like ability since its last turn, it deals additional 2d6 points of force damage. Extra damage from destructive reverberation don't apply to bite the hand saving throw bonus.

Hitch A Ride (Ex) Despite being Small-sized, a vizzel can easily climb a willing Small or Medium person, or be carried by one without much problem, allowing it to occupy the same space as an ally.

Vizzels are descendants of an awakened weasel familiar that was blessed by a nascent deity of magic. They are playful, curious, and friendly creatures, that love eating, sleeping, and arcane magic, though they tend to be very opinionated about spells and their use, having vary varied, and not always reasonable favorite and disliked spells, schools, and magic items.

A vizzel is a viable Improved Familiar feat pick for a 5th level caster.

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