Space Monsters: Voidstar Nightwalker

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Nightwalker, Voidstar

A titanic orb of utter darkness, with a few tendrils extending a few miles away from it. The whole entity is visible only because its silhouette is highlighted by purple glow of necrotic radiation.

Tier 20
CE Colossal starship undead
Speed 2; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 4)
AC 37; TL 37
HP 800; DT 20; CT 160
Shields 800 (forward 200, port 200, starboard 200, aft 200)
Attack (Forward) life-ender beam (special), void beam +30 (2d6 × 10)
Attack (Port) nightchaser torpedo +30 (10d6), void beam +30 (2d6 × 10)
Attack (Starboard) nightchaser torpedo +30 (10d6), void beam +30 (2d6 × 10)
Attack (Aft) nightchaser barrage +30 (10d6, array)
Attack (Turret) void beam +30 (2d6 × 10), 3 × void ray +30 (10d6, point +15)
Skills Computers +40, Engineering +40, Piloting +45
Systems extreme-range senses (40 hex), +15 defensive countermeasures (DC 45 to be scanned)
Other Abilities shadow flight, unliving

Special Abilities

Life-ender Beam (Su) The voidstar's main weapon is a terrible beam of negative energy that sucks life out of countless living beings caught within. It is too slow acting to affect small and agile opponents, only being capable to be properly focused on relatively immobile targets, such as planets, asteroids, and space stations, or those moving on completely predictable trajectories, such as disabled ship, and has range of 20 hexes. Each round of exposure to life-ender beam inflicts 1d4 negative levels to 1d100 thousands of living creatures that are big enough to have stat blocks, and decimates vegetation and lesser lifeforms. For each thousand of creatures affected, the voidstar regains 1 shield point that is added to the weakest shield arc. Firing a life-ender beam is independent of other actions taken in the same round and does not count as a gunnery action.

Nightchasers (Su) Nightchasers are lesser nightwalkers called from the depths of the Negative Energy Plane and sent after their designated targets, howling telepathic screams heard for tens of thousands of miles around. When a nighchaser hits a planet, a planetoid, or a station, it spawns a nightwalker entity that will haunt the region until banished or killed, and greatly increase chance of undead spawning for years to come.
Nightchaser torpedo is a heavy tracking weapon with long range and speed of 12. It inflicts 10d6 points of damage when it hits and additional 10d6 per round for two rounds thereafter. Nightchaser barrage is a heavy tracking weapon with long range and array special property.

Shadow Flight (Su) A voidstar traverses the vast gulf of space by sliding between the borders of the interstellar void and the Shadow Plane and back. A voidstar can travel between nearby systems in 1d10 years, and between distant systems in 1d10 × 1d10 years.

Starship Combat Resolve (Ex) A voidstar gains a pool of 12 Resolve points it can spend on actions in starship combat at the start of each starship combat.

Unliving Starship (Ex) A voidstar nightwalker is a undead being the size of the biggest capital ships and acts as one. Though it has no crew, it can still take engineering, gunnery, piloting, and science officer actions (one of each, in appropriate phases) using the skill bonuses listed above. Assume it has 20 ranks in each of relevant skills. When a voidstar uses divert action to replenish shields, it regains 50 SP.
Use the following table to determine the effects when the voidstar takes critical damage. The voidstar does not take critical conditions, all critical effects last for one round only.
01–25Main weaponThe voidstar can't use its lifeneder beam next round.
26–40BeamsThe voidstar can't fire its direct weapons other than the lifeender beam next round.
41–55PortalsThe voidstar can't fire its tracking weapons next round.
56–70HeartThe voidstar can't take engineering actions next  round.
71–85BrainThe voidstar can't take science officer actions next round.
86–00PropulsionThe voidstar can't take piloting actions in the following round.

Void Weapons (Su) A voidstar can project beams of destructive energy. Void beam is a capital direct-fire weapon with long range. Void ray is a heavy direct-fire weapon with short range and point (+15) property.

Voidstars are harbingers of cosmic destruction, enormous nightwalkers that might be restless spirits of the extingished stars, or something entirely else. A voidstar can appear on the Material Plane when a star system dies and start its crusade of extinguishing living worlds, moving from system to system until stopped by mortal beings, with or without aid from extraplanar forces.

Preparation for coming of a voidstar and assembling a force capable of defeating it could be a suitable material for a whole campaign.

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